Our Doctor

Josephine Huang, MD is Board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, also known as a physiatrist. She is an affiliated provider of Rusk Rehabilitation of NYU Langone Medical Center. She is also a clinical instructor for the resident acupuncture clinic in Rusk rehabilitation. 

Dr. Huang specializes in nonsurgical care for musculoskeletal and spine and joint disease and sports and exercise medicine (care of injuries that impact athletes, weekend warriors, and enthusiasts). Her approach as a physiatrist focuses on resolving the cause of pain, restoring function, improving quality of life, injury prevention, and antiaging.

Dr. Huang also is a certified MD-acupuncturist in New York State. She uses the Chinese medicine theories of Yin-Yang, Qi-Xie, and Meridian,  along with the rigorous guidelines of Western medicine and state-of-the-art modern technology to evaluate patients’ injuries, pain, and other stress-related conditions and dysfunctions, to make diagnoses and individualized treatment plans for various conditions.

The first step is to establish an accurate and specific diagnosis that will guide the treatment plan. During the initial visit, Dr. Huang will do a comprehensive consultation about a patient’s acute or chronic medical history, including a physical examination, and evaluate the patient’s function impairment to establish an accurate, specific diagnosis to guide the treatment plan. When indicated, she also will order diagnostic studies, such as x-ray, MRI or CT, to clarify the diagnosis.

Based on that diagnosis and evaluation, Dr. Huang’s treatment plan will include counseling and patient education along with a personalized acupuncture plan, physical therapy, exercise and nutrition consultation, joint injection, trigger point injection, tendon injection, prescription medications, and vitamin supplements.

The goals of the individualized, comprehensive treatment plan are to control and resolve the pain caused by injuries, and to promote healing,  The ultimate goals are to bring back full functionality to restore the quality of life and prevent the recurrence of the same injury.

Our calm, professional office and our high-quality treatment help patients to relieve pain, quiet the mind and relax the body, improve sleep quality, and relieve stress to achieve optimum Health and the highest energy level.