Our Practice

We are a premier provider of acupuncture in the tristate area and a full-service facility of sports medicine, pain management and rehabilitation based in lower Manhattan.

We use acupuncture, physical therapy, and medication to treat musculoskeletal pains, joint pains, and neuralgia. We also provide post-op rehabilitation for orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery. In addition, we use acupuncture to treat stress-related pain and other conditions. Learn more about our treatments and approach.


Sports Medicine
Medical Acupuncture

Special Expertise

Sports injury
Spine care
Exercise counseling
Medical acupuncture

We are in the network of all major insurance companies and we will help you to navigate and find out the details of your insurance policies.

Our unique blend of the best in Eastern and Western medicine, our professionalism,  and our dedication to the care of each patient who visits our office enables us to relieve pain and prevent recurrence of symptoms that caused people to seek our help in the first place.